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    Publication Date
Comm18-001: SunTrust 3.2 FNM File Upload 2/2/2018
Comm18-002: UCD Update for SunTrust Effective For February 23, 2018 2/21/2018
Comm18-003: Great News On CEMA Releases From SunTrust! 3/29/2018
Comm18-004: Correspondent Landing Page 4/20/2018
Comm18-005: Best Practice: Closed Loan Submission 4/27/2018
Comm18-006: Inter Vivos Revocable Trust/Living Trust 4/27/2018
Comm18-007: SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. Is Merging With SunTrust Bank 6/1/2018
Comm18-008: Use New SunTrust LendingSpace Portal URL; Update Your Internet Favorites Today 6/3/2018
Comm18-009: SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. Merger With SunTrust Bank 6/8/2018